Monday, December 19, 2011

Sue Sylvester Working to Save the Community

This morning, at the New York offices of Sirius XM Satellite Radio, my hubby Frank DeCaro sat down with Glee and American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy for an hourlong chat for the OutQ station's fab new interview series, "Iconography."

You'll have to tune in to OutQ to hear the juicy interview in its entirety. But there is one thing I can share with you now -- it's not exactly a "spoiler," because the engineers at Sirius had to wrap the recording right before I asked Ryan the final question of the day from my spot in the audience (where I sat next to his fiance, David.)

I asked Ryan how he felt about other shows parodying Glee -- flattered? Annoyed? A little of both? "I realize that that is obviously flattering," he answered -- but added that he's careful not to watch any such parodies, so that he can be sure never to end up copying them in writing Glee, accidentally "doing a parody of their parody."

When I mentioned that last week's episode of Community took some seemingly loving shots at Glee, Ryan seemed intrigued. "Do you guys like that show?" he polled the in-studio audience, getting nods to the affirmative. He must like it, too, because he then revealed a possible spoiler: with Community now on the endangered list at NBC, he at one point was thinking of having Sue Sylvester head a campaign to save it.

It's ironic: NBC's Community shows some on-screen love for ABC's seemingly endangered Cougar Town, only to be itself bumped off the midseason schedule -- and then given a possible shout-out by Fox's Glee. It's nice to see such cross-network love. Now if only more viewers would show up in support.