Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Better Off Ted returns TONIGHT!

For some reason, when ABC launched Better Off Ted at midseason this year, they planned only for some of its first season episodes to air, and inexplicably held back another 6 installments, which they would stockpile in case the show was granted a second season.

Luckily for fans of this smart, hilarious and critically hailed show, Better Off Ted will be returning for season 2, sometime in the late fall.

The even better news is, though, that ABC isn't going to make us wait that long. Starting tonight, the network is airing those 6 originally held-back episodes. Which means a rare chance for us to see some smart, original comedy during the dog days of summer -- normally the time of year when the only original episodes we get to see of anything on a broadcast network are burned off episodes of already-cancelled shows (see: Pushing Daisies et al.)

In tonight's episode, Linda (Andrea Anders) wonders whether a boss can be a friend when Veronica (Portia de Rossi) starts sharing way too much about her personal life. Meanwhile, Ted (Jay Harrington) horns in on Phil (Jonathan Slavin) and Lem's (Malcolm Barrett) Medieval Fight Club.

Tune in tonight at ABC at 9:30 Eastern/Pacific -- and be ready to laugh out loud!

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