Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Brittany Murphy in "Der entsesselte Mann!"

In what may be admittedly the strangest tribute to actress Brittany Murphy, who died on Sunday at age 32 of cardiac arrest, below is a clip from one of her early roles, a guest spot on the NBC sitcom Frasier.

This was, of course, before Brittany found huge success on TV, ultimately voicing the role of daughter Luanne on FOX's animated sitcom King of the Hill for 13 seasons. But by this point, Brittany had already done quite a few TV shows for her young age: regular roles in the short-lived sitcoms Drexell's Class and Almost Home, and guest spots on Murphy Brown, Parker Lewis Can't Lose and Blossom.

Here, she appears as a teenager in some kind of theatrical production in which Frasier Crane is involved. I say "some kind of" because I don't remember the episode's specifics, and from this I really can't tell; the clip is in German. Which is what makes this one of the strangest tributes to the talented Murphy, whose life was cut short so tragically. But you can see here that, even at her young age (she was around 17) in this 1994 clip of episode "Give Him the Chair!" (or "Der entsesselte Mann!"), and even though she is dubbed in German, you can see that there is something special about her that makes you take notice when she enters the scene. RIP, Brittany!

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