Saturday, February 6, 2010

Greetings from Manhatan

Okay, so here's what we know about the membrane universe(s) on Fringe:

1) It's 2010

2) Obama is president

3) On 9/11, terrorists attacked the Pentagon and the White House (but not the Twin Towers in New York)

4) Some office worker guy -- who now has 4 legs and a head growing out of his stomach -- was married, whereas he's not in our reality. (How many does he have of other body parts? If that guy were still alive, well let's just say I know of one lucky girl!)

5) Somewhere, in some other reality, Peter Bishop disappeared as a young boy (to replace our dearly departed young Peter Bishop here.)

And oh yeah --

6) New York City is referred to as "Manhatan," spelled with only one "t."

That was, for me (a copy editor and a Virgo to boot), the most jarring part of this past Thursday's episode, "Jacksonville": the realization that either

a) somewhere in the last nearly 400 years of history, someone aiming to name this invaluable island came up with a different bastardization of the name "Mannahatta," given by the local Lenape native tribe


b) somewhere in the last season on creator JJ Abrams' staff, someone made a giant spelling mistake in the floating, 3-D location name chyrons for which Fringe has become famous.

Normally, I'm a cynic. But having witnessed for two seasons now how clever Fringe and its writers can be, I'm leaning heavily toward b). Let's just hope "Manhatan" doesn't decide to send us any more of its edifices in exchange for one of our own. I like my limbs just where they are, thank you.

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