Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Carve Yourself Some Sue Sylvester

She's the coach of an award-winning cheerleading team. She has hidden talents in musical parody, out-Vogueing Madonna. She has TV presence, even if things as Sue "C"s them are completely twisted. Now, add one more talent to Sue Sylvester's resume: she's an expert pumpkin carver.

If like me, you were wondering (among many, many other things) during last night's Rocky Horror-themed episode of Glee, how did Sue carve such an awesome pumpkin likeness of herself, then wonder no more. A quick googling reveals that Sue used a $4.95 downloadable pumpkin stencil -- although she added bats and other details that made hers so perfectly customized.

I also notice that many other fun patterns are available, including the likenesses of actors from another suitably Halloween-esque show, True Blood, and Sue's fellow McKinley High characters Rachel Berry and Finn Hudson. And of course, there's one of her nemesis Will Schuester, so that Sue has something to smash.

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