Monday, January 7, 2013

Kathy Griffin Talks About Cher Turning Back Time

Kathy Griffin at
NBC Universal's
TCA cocktail party
in Pasadena, CA
January 6, 2013
Over the weekend at the Television Critics Association (TCA) convention in Pasadena, Logo made a big announcement.  You remember Logo -- the once specifically gay network no one watched, that then took a step back into the closet to become that network that everyone knows is gay yet won't just come out and say it?  Logo, you're fooling no one -- especially when your admittedly very exciting big announcement is that you're working with the most fabulous of gay icons in existence, Cher.

The network's development exec Brent Zacky announced a new series to be produced by Cher and her onetime boyfriend, writer Ron Zimmerman, set in '60s Hollywood.  That's right, Cher is indeed Turning Back Time, to the era when "I've Got You, Babe" topped the charts -- and I can't wait to see the result.

Another gay icon with high hopes for Cher's project is her gal pal Kathy Griffin, who showed up at last night's NBC Universal TCA party to promote the January 10 return of her talk show Kathy on Bravo (you know, the even more gay network.)  Kathy's the one who alerted the world to a true problem:  celebrities like her and Cher do not know how to order their own pizza.

I asked Kathy if she thought Cher might fare better at the computer keyboard.  "First of all, can you imagine, -- Cher, being on Logo?  What a shock!" Kathy joked.  But seriously, she noted, Cher lived through those '60s days, and will definitely have interesting things to say about them.

"That's the great thing about Cher.  She really owns who she is, and she speaks freely about her life, and we love her candor," Kathy added.  "You can ask her questions about her life, and I think the first time I hung out with her, she was talking to me about Sonny and Bob Mackie.  I like people like that.  She's very genuine, and that's why we love her."

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