Thursday, July 3, 2014

Designer John Bartlett Wins Humane Society Award

When I heard that designer John Bartlett was a fan of The Golden Girls, that fact became, believe it or not, just the third-most fabulous thing I've come to learn about him: John is, of course, a designer of beautiful clothing, and a longtime advocate for the rights and care of animals.  His company logo, in fact, is in memory of the three-legged pit bull he had rescued and raised, Tiny Tim.

Congratulations, John, on this latest award for your good work!

JB Logo

hello, friends!
i recently found out that i received
the tremendous honor of the

henry spira humane corporate
progress award

from the humane society of the united states!
this is a huge honor and i'm thrilled to be
sharing it with you.

from pj smith, corporate outreach
manager for the humane society:

"John Bartlett continues to lead the
way in furthering the fur-free message
in the fashion world. From working with
local animal shelters to speaking to
other fashion designers about the cruel
fur trade, Bartlett's passion for
animals knows no bounds."

click here for the full story.
as i said, i'm incredibly honored to have
received this incredible award. the choices
we make as individuals can make a difference!
thanks for letting me share!

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