Monday, October 3, 2016

Golden Girls Cafe in NYC -- Latest Update

Rue McClanahan's Emmy Award for The Golden Girls,
soon to be moved upstairs into a spotlight in the
completed Rue La Rue cafe in Washington Heights.
Last week in NYC, I was happy to get the chance to meet up with Michael J. La Rue, Rue McClanahan's friend and the executor of her estate who, along with Rue's artist son Mark Bish, is about to open "Rue La Rue" cafe in the city's Washington Heights neighborhood, in tribute to the actress.

Although no longer with us, Rue will greet each visitor to
Rue La Rue cafe, via her star embedded in the cafe's threshold.
Michael took my husband Frank DeCaro and me on a walk-through of the cafe space, which is sure to delight Golden Girls fans from the moment they cross over the Hollywood Walk of Fame-type star which Michael has had made for the restaurant's threshold.  Inside, you'll find a display of Rue's Golden Girls Emmy in one corner, costumes from that show and from Maude in another.  As Michael tells me in the video below -- where we peek at just a fraction of Rue's personal and household treasures to be displayed on site now or rotated in later -- the woman was a pack rat when it came to clothing; but now, that's a boon to fans, who will have the chance to commune with some of Blanche Devereaux's stunning, handpainted silk nightgowns up close.

Michael tells me in the video below that the cafe is set to open soon -- meaning sometime soon this fall.  But an exact date has not yet been announced.  Check out the goodies we uncover below -- and stay tuned to this blog for opening date info as soon as it's available!

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