Sunday, September 24, 2017

40 Years Old, Yet Exciting and New

The Love Boat seasons 1-3
are available on DVD.
clockwise from upper left:
Fred Grandy, Ted Lange,
Bernie Kopell, Jill Whelan,
Gavin MacLeod, Lauren Tewes
Today, September 24, marks the 40th anniversary of the beloved ABC series The Love Boat, which set sail as a regular series in the fall of 1977.  Earlier this year, in May, the show's cast reunited on the Today Show, celebrating the 40th anniversary of the airing of the TV movie that launched the series.

Actually, that was the third Love Boat TV movie, the other two having aired in the previous season.  After optioning author Jeraldine Saunders' book about her pioneering career as the industry's first female cruise director, producer Douglas S. Cramer knew he had the makings of a great series, a version of his previous hit, Love, American Style, on the seas.  But it took three tries, and the addition of legendary producer Aaron Spelling, to get the casting and chemistry just right.

I've been spending the past year, and will spend the months ahead, amassing interviews and never-before-seen photos and other materials for my upcoming book Love Boat Forever.  When the book is released, it will be one of many celebrations that continue, as the show continues to air on Me TV and Cosi TV, and memes such as the "Love Boat Generator" proliferate on the web.  And this fall, look for the Love Boat cast to reunite at least once more, for a special ceremony involving the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

Welcome aboard!

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