Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Welcome to Darling Tower

Want a glimpse into how the Darling Family made all their Dirty, Sexy Money? Take a virtual tour of their latest venture, the Manhattan skyscraper Darling Tower.

Well appointed like the glossiest of New York pads, the Tower features amenities such as valet, private wine cellar, full-service Wellness Spa, and rooftop Zen garden. It was even designed by apparently world-famous architect Nico Egroeg (who must be Nick George's backwards Dutch cousin.)

Considering buying with some filthy cash of your own? There's just one problem: Darling Tower doesn't really exist. And as slick and realistic as its web site may be, it's really just a clever "viral" tool to promote the upcoming second season of Dirty Sexy Money, which premieres this Wednesday, October 1 at 10 PM Eastern on ABC.

From Patrick 'Tripp' Darling's "Vision" page:

"When I start a new venture, I base it on hard research and analysis. With Darling Tower, I saw an opportunity to give new life to an otherwise faltering urban area -- a clean-up-the-dirt endeavor, so to speak. Adding in some much needed sex appeal to create something unique and beautiful. I consider it money well spent."

Dirty Sexy Money
Season 2
Premieres Wednesday, October 1
10 PM Eastern

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  1. Another great not-so-'viral' tool to promote the show is to have the unbelievably desirable Lady GaGa make a music video about the show. Wow. Just wow. Who misses the season 2 premiere after this...? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3pk2HT0jLFA