Friday, April 24, 2009

Greetings from NBC in Pasadena

This morning, on the heels of Jay Leno's surprise cancellation of his Thursday and Friday night editions of The Tonight Show this week, NBC presents a short, one-day press tour for TV critics.

Although the network has no presentation scheduled for Leno's new, Monday-Friday 10PM series -- they're concentrating on Southland, some reality crap, and some better cable fare like Law & Order:  Criminal Intent and an intriguing new Sci-Fi (sorry -- SyFy) series called Warehouse 13 -- you can bet that the question will come up, and soon.

Reports are now circulating that Leno's ailment is a simple case of food poisoning, and that he'll be back on Monday.  But the timing of his illness may turn out to be auspicious for network television.  You can bet that there are some execs over at the peacock network this morning second-guessing their plan to destroy the network -- er, subsume the 10 PM hour -- and risk it all on Jay Leno, who turns out to be mortal after all.  Let's hope that this means life for a few more drama pilots at the network -- if only as a plan B!

Speaking of Southland et al, more info coming on these new series...

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