Monday, August 18, 2008

Catching Up with... Desperate Housewives

As everybody knows by now, when Desperate Housewives returns for its fifth season this fall (Sunday, Sept. 28th at 9 PM ET), the show's storyline will have skipped ahead five years. Mischievous kids will have turned into full-on troubled teens, and yet our leading ladies will remain just as young and beautiful. Isn't it wonderful how TV works?

"I was originally going to do an eight-year jump," the show's creator and executive producer Marc Cherry revealed to us TV critics at our semi-annual convention in LA last month. "But then when someone explained to me how the actresses would react to the idea that they were eight years older, I thought, 'Maybe five. Maybe I could get away with five.'"

Cherry says he was inspired to bend time as he struggled for new ways to keep the Housewives' lives juicy yet still anchored in some kind of reality. "I felt that the soap had really started to build up, and so I wanted to pare down to where everyone's problems were small but very relatable." He did, however, want this decision to remain a surprise to us viewers until we tuned in in late September. But "it leaked like everybody's business," he told the TV critics in mock annoyance. "I made the mistake of telling one of my actors, and the next thing, I read it in the Times, going 'Dammit, Marcia!'"

In case you don't have Marcia Cross, aka the series' delicious Bree Van De Kamp, to keep you posted on the latest Housewives gossip, there are a few other ways to come up to speed on the show's first four seasons' worth of soap (where has the time gone?!) For one, ABC has created a "Starter Kit," which is a four-minute or so video summarizing the show (just like in the Eli Stone and Ugly Betty entries below.) Or, you can watch full episodes of the show on And if you're a DVD fan, you probably have seasons 1-3 of Desperate Housewives already. On September 2, you'll have the chance to add season 4 to your shelf.

Desperate Housewives (Season 5 premieres September 28 at 9 PM ET)

OR Click here for full episodes on


Desperate Housewives, The Complete Fourth Season (The Sizzling Secrets Edition)
Release Date: 9/2/08

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