Thursday, August 14, 2008

Catching Up with... Ugly Betty

In preparation for a brand-new -- and hopefully, uninterrupted -- season of primetime network TV, ABC had an idea. Since so much of the network's shows have serialized storylines, the execs there have put together abridged "Starter Kits" designed to get you back in touch -- or if you're a first-time viewer, up to speed -- with all the important plot twists that have gone before.

Of course, if you want the full Ugly Betty treatment, or to witness every single one of Eli Stone's hallucinations, you might just want to catch up on each series via full episodes on, or by spending a weekend with the DVD box set. For each show, the DVD release of last season is timed, conveniently enough, for just a few weeks before the 2008-09 season kicks off in late September.

Today, let's get up to speed with the backstabbing goings-on at Mode magazine.

Ugly Betty (Season 3 premieres September 25 at 8 PM ET)

OR Click here for full episodes on


Ugly Betty, The Complete Second Season
Release Date: 9/9/08

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