Saturday, January 9, 2010

RIP Three Rivers 2009-2009

Live from the CBS Presentation at the Television Critics Association (TCA) conference in Pasadena comes the sad news of the fate of one of CBS' fall shows, the previously "on hiatus" Three Rivers.

When asked whether that euphemistic status really means "cancelled," CBS President Nina Tassler spared no words as she earned a few laughs: yes. "I think we've all been doing this long enough to know what 'on hiatus' really means," she admitted.

But on the plus side, the Alex O'Loughlin-led series, set in a Pittsburgh organ transplant hospital, managed in its short life to save eight real lives, as it inspired people to sign up for organ donation. How many other series can say that?


  1. "on hiatus?" are they airing the episodes they already filmed this summer? They've played 3 new episodes in June... my DVR picked them up for me, otherwise i wouldn't have known they were there.

    Filler or not... oh well :-P

  2. Sorry -- this is just a summer burnoff. The show is dead...