Sunday, January 10, 2010

Heroes on the Run

It's a sign of the turmoil at NBC that just a few seasons ago, Heroes was such a big hit for the network that they announced a spinoff of sorts, a second hour of the show whose format was never quite announced before the network changed its mind.

Now, in just its 4th season, Heroes is on the bubble, a possible candidate for cancellation. According to NBC President Angela Bromstad, the decision will be made relatively soon. She and her team will, she explains, be sitting down with the show's creator Tim Kring within the next few weeks, in which he will pitch them his vision for a possible additional year. The network will keep that in mind as they then evaluate their pilots for fall. "Heroes has been performing strongly in its 8 PM time slot," Bromstad claims, although that is questionable. "There's a good chance it can come back."

"A good chance?" Wow! Remember back in 2006, when Heroes was red hot? At least at the peacock network, what a difference 3 1/2 years makes!

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