Monday, January 11, 2010

No News on Conan at Fox

Anticipating and addressing the critics' questions at today's TCA Executive Session, Fox's President of Entertainment Kevin Reilly commented on rumors that a dissatisfied Conan O'Brien might prefer to leave NBC, rather than delay his Tonight Show a half hour in deference to the newly moving Jay Leno, and jump ship to Fox. Here's what Reilly had to say:

There's not too much more we can illuminate. We're digesting this the same way you are. We're in "wowee" mode right now. Our position on late night has been consistent all along. At our last session when we announced and talked about Wanda [Sykes], people asked if we wanted to be in the five times a week business. And we said that's a business we've been in and out of, and it's never completely off the agenda. It's something we're always interested in.

I love Conan personally and professionally, but he has to make decision about his futgure. We've talked to his people and had informal conversations, mostly commiserating about the situation. But other than that, we're not free to talk about any other business proposition [with Conan], and we haven't.

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