Wednesday, January 14, 2009

CBS uses a euphemism for the "C" word for Swingtown

This morning at the TCA convention in Los Angeles, CBS network president Nina Tassler inched a step further in saying goodbye to Swingtown, although she still never said the official word:  cancelled.  But that's not a cause for hope, fans.  It's gone.
One thing that we're really proud of is the execution of Swingtown.  It was a terrific show and, look, I'm happy to report it ended up on over a half dozen Top Ten lists from 2008.  So at the end of the day, I think the show was well-executed.  It was well-received.  The performances were great.  And in many regards it I think that show was also a victim of the [writers'] strike, but it was a risk, and we took it, and we're proud of it and certainly would take it again.

When asked to confirm whether that meant Swingtown might still have a shot at resurrection, Tassler shook her head no.

No.  We're not going back to Swingtown right now.

Sorry, swingers!  But if it's the '70s you want, there's always ABC's Life On Mars...

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