Friday, January 9, 2009

HBO's In Treatment: Appointments now available only 2 nights per week

Breaking News:  In her introduction to the panel (just executive producers Stephen Levinson and Warren Leight) of HBO's half-hour series In Treatment, which has been renewed for a second season, network president Sue Naegle announced that the show's season 1, Monday-to-Friday 5x per week air schedule "proved to be challenging for people... It was such an unusual pattern, it was hard for people to get into it 5 nights a week."

"People really watched [episodes] stacked," Naegle continued.  "A marathon on the weekend or lots at a time."  And so, the network has changed its strategy for In Treatment -- "a show we really believe in," Naegle added.  Because "Sunday is our big night of programming," HBO will now give us a double-dose of Gabriel Byrne as Dr. Paul Weston on Sundays, followed by 3 more episodes to air on Monday.

5 nights a week was "a tough schedule if your name's not Jay Leno," Naegle joked in her introduction.   Regarding the change, "we want to let people dig in and watch more than one at a time, and to make it easier to [follow] the show."

The first season of In Treatment earned five nominations for this Sunday night's Golden Globes ceremony -- more than any other show on television.  Hopefully, star Gabriel Byrne is home resting up for the big night; he was, after Patrick Swayze, the second big, disappointing no-show of the day here at the TCA (Naegle announced that the New York-based star is battling the flu.)

PS -- Leight reveals that if you need to catch up on your Treatment before the Season 2 premiere in April , Season 1 will be again available via HBO On Demand starting in February.

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  1. Thanks for the update Jim. However they space out the episodes, I will be there as I was EVERY NIGHT for the first season. And Frank can make fun of me as much as he wants.
    At least I am giving Mad Men a third try...