Tuesday, January 13, 2009

'Til Death renewed through 2010

When one door closes, another one opens:  he discussed the end -- but stressing that it's not a cancellation, just a natural ending for a show which has creatively played out -- of Prison Break.  But Kevin Reilly also commented on taking the unusual step of announcing, this early in the calendar year, a renewal for Brad Garrett-Joely Fisher sitcom 'Til Death through 2010.

It hardly sounds like a huge vote of confidence for 'Til Death, but more like a resignation to Fox's sad state of comedy, and the paucity of original programming on the networks in general.

The situation on 'Til Death is pretty straightforward and apropos to the conversation earlier about economics.  You're going to see every one of these companies make certain strategic decisions to address the economics.  We want to keep original programming on the air.  We looked at the show and said, "We like the show. There are not a lot of sitcoms on the air.  This one does have a viewership base.  We'd like to keep it on the air."  At a certain deal, it makes sense for us in certain time periods.  So we were able to make that deal, and so we're going to have places where we can program it and keep originals on the air versus just repeats or some sort of filler.

More to come from Kevin Reilly on the state of comedy overall at Fox.

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