Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Secret Diary from the Lady Garden

If you're looking to Showtime for some more soft-core porn, like their famous old series Red Shoe Diaries, you may be out of luck.  

The British-made Secret Diary of a Call Girl, which begins its second U.S. season on Showtime this Sunday night, January 18, won't be bringing you the full Monty -- or the full Marie, for that matter.

Although star Billie Piper is often called on to show her naked backside -- "the diet starts when I get back home," the actress, who had a baby a mere 11 weeks back, admitted to the critics at the TCA today.  "It's so hard here.  The portions are so large, and the food is so delicious" -- she will never be asked to show what the show's producer Rebecca de Souza quoted a gentleman as euphemistically calling her "lady garden."  

But will we ever see any of Billie's character Belle's clients' "man gardens," shall we say?  No -- mostly.  The male actors on the show are required to wear "modesty sacs," as they're known, which Piper says are really no more than "penis socks.  They're horrible.  You do end up being able to see, and by the end they're falling off..."  And I learned something about Britain's broadcast standards, too.  "You can't see [penises] ready for action.  That's the rule," de Souza clarified.

So much for Big Ben.

Secret Diary of a Call Girl
Season 2
Premieres Sunday, January 18
10:30 PM

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